What are the Benefits of Banana for All to Know?

Bananas are a fruit that is available every season, which can be eaten by the poor – healthy, sick, young and old. Bananas have so many qualities, some of which are given here.
Health Benefits Of Banana

Benefits of Banana

Banana is a fruit that can be eaten immediately after ripening. Eat this way when you do not throw the bark in the road! ). A banana shake can also be made. It is also made. The ripe banana herbs become instant and taste delicious, but raw bananas can also be eaten. Nowadays, people are also putting raw bananas in Orindhi. Bananas contain abundant amounts of potassium.

Excellent in hi bp

The study says that eating three bananas a day helps the circulatory system to function well. A medium-sized banana contains about 422 milligrams of potassium, which does not even have a sodium name.

Increases digestion

Bananas contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is an excellent element for the body’s metabolism. After breakfast in the morning, the stomach feels well-filled and does not rise to the surface and gives relief to the body.

Increases the power of the heart

Regularly incorporating fiber into a meal helps the heart. Bananas contain abundant fiber. It is useful in preventing any heart disease.

Provides health to cells

Contains vitamin B1. Bananas are found in nutrients such as B1, insulin, hemoglobin and amino acids needed to strengthen the body’s cells. Antibodies are also produced by eating bananas to release the contaminants stored in the body.

Keeps the action of the stomach clean

In the stomach there is usually a low prevalence of talk, gall and cough. Bananas are very helpful in keeping balance, gall and cough. If the bowels become loose due to mineral deficiency, they can be restored by eating bananas. Thus, bananas provide enough nutrition to the body since childhood.

Eliminate iron deficiency

There is a large amount of iron found in bananas. Regularly eating bananas increases the amount of blood cells in the blood. Thus, saves from illness. Banana Vitamin Shi 6 regulates blood sugar levels.

Controls weight

The aroma and taste of bananas provide so much satisfaction that it satisfies not eating too much and the weight is controlled. A banana can be eaten before eating. Bananas can be eaten at breakfast. Banana can be a concession. If you go to the office after drinking banana shake, often you will not feel hungry.

Abundant Vitamin C

Usually Vitamin C is obtained from oranges and strawberries, but in bananas the body contains about 15% of the vitamin C required. As much as we can get. Banana vitamin C is very useful in preventing damage to body cells.

Improves mood

Medium sized bananas contain 27mg of magnesium. Magnesium deficiency can lead to problems such as nervous confidence deficiency.

Best for the player

Most players love to eat bananas. Perhaps the reason is that bananas help tone the muscle and act as an anti-cancer agent. It has been found that some athletes eat 16 – 18 bananas a day to maintain natural glucose in their body and strengthen muscles and bones.

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