Typhoid Fever Symptoms Treatment

hello friends good to see you all but the bad news is one of my patients is diagnosed with a disease called typhoid fever but don’t worry friends I’ll make sure to spread awareness about this illness so that no one can fall for it again 
Typhoid Fever Symptoms Treatment
so in today’s article I’ll explain to you the reason behind this condition and answer a very very very important question 

What Is Typhoid, Typhoid Symptoms And Treatment

what causes typhoid 

typhoid is a deadly bacterial infection caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi mostly found in contaminated food water and sewage but it’s not just your regular fever or viral infection Typhon could be very dangerous and can spread infection in your organs and can tear holes in your intestines 
But The Vital Question is How 
you see when someone named Lee consumes contaminated food or water Salmonella typhi enters their body and makes the way to the stomach over there in most cases in a healthy person the stomach acids will immediately react and kill the unwelcomed bacteria thus the person won’t fall sick 
but when someone’s stomach does not produce ample acids to kill this bacteria the Salmonella makes the most of this opportunity and rushes to the small intestine when they enter the cells lining the intestine this activates a strong immune response leading to inflammation of cells which can create tiny holes in the intestines causing intestinal contents to leak into your abdominal cavity making the infected person extremely sick 
wait it doesn’t stop there then this cunning bacteria enter the lymphoid tissues which are the part of the body’s immune system that is important for the immune response and helps protect it from infection and foreign bodies and after that the Salmonella typhi Quitely makes their way into the bloodstream and finally spreading to the other organs like liver bone marrow and even your heart and brain 

Typhoid Symptoms 

  • like headache 
  • loss of appetite 
  • body ache and 
  • diarrhea 

How To Spread Typhoid

diarrhea helps these bacteria to come out of its human host and spreads into the environment with poor sanitation looking for new Wickham’s 

What is Typhoid Treatment

typhoid can be treated with the help of modern and advanced medicines and vaccines but even if you have been vaccinated they are not entirely effective and lose effectiveness over time so it is essential to take precautions to protect ourselves from these evil bacteria 

How To Avoid Tripod

just make sure to wash your hands with warm soapy water before you eat food and after using the toilet don’t forget to boil or disinfect any water that will be used for drinking and avoid eating raw food from street vendors it’s more likely to be contaminated 
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