Types Of Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karm Yoga, Dhyan Yoga, Raj Yoga

In this article, we will learn about four types of Yoga, Which Are As Follows. Bhakti Yoga, Karm Yoga, Dhyan Yoga, Raj Yoga.
Types Of Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karm Yoga, Dhyan Yoga, Raj Yoga
The four paths of yoga vedanta tells us that there are five causes of suffering not knowing who we are attachment plunging to things that are impermanent and having expectations aversion trying to avoid things that are not real identifying with the ego and creating separate realities and the fear of death fortunately vedanta also gives us the solutions to overcome them it tells us that by correcting the first cause and remembering who we are all others will cease the concern yoga the union of body mind soul and spirit is rediscovering who we are and returning to a life of joy bliss and freedom vedanta  recognizing that we each have different personalities and preferences for parts of yoga or sets or spiritual practices to help us reach this goal in life we can act we can think we can feed off we can do nothing to act is karma.
yoga to think this jnana yoga and to feel loved is bhakti yoga and to do all nothing completely in samadhi the final step of Raja yoga and the goal of all yoga let’s look at each of the parts of yoga and see how we can incorporate them into our lives

Now let’s talk about the types of yoga

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga bhakti is the yoga of devotion ultimately to the divine but it can initially be a guru your family a friend or anything that creates strong emotional ties in today’s world with so much chaos and confusion it is said that bhakti is the easiest of the path it can be practiced by anyone regardless of mental or physical abilities and does not involve extensive yogic practice bhakti is a part of love which removes jealousy hatred lust anger egoism pride and arrogance it replaces those feelings with the feelings of joy divine ecstasy bliss peace and wisdom the first line of fleetwood mac song says drowning in the sea of love where everyone would love to drown this is a bhakti be drowning in love vedanta says there is a fine thread made of pure love which connects your heart with the divine this thread is the essence of bhakti it’s been lying dormant in your heart since the beginning of creation hidden by layers of ignorance and suffering however no matter what you do or where you go this thread our divine connection can never be broken this is what creates the deep earning of your soul for joy and bliss to be in love with someone or something create separation bhakti is to be loved to be intoxicated with the divine love it is the unity of being in love with love itself vedanta says put the emphasis where it belongs on the divine self within each person be encountered 

Karma Yoga

karma means action and karma Yoga is performing action without attachment to to the outcome it is the part of selfless service or seva (help) you see is to identify with the ego and all action we feel as an offering to the divine the heart is purified so egoism hatred jealousy selfishness and similar negative qualities vanish creating space for humility pure love sympathy tolerance and compassion karma yoga is doing the right thing the process of achieving perfection in action it means following one’s darma true purpose and accepting whatever comes without any expectation of payment thanks or recognition 

Dhyan Yoga

is part  of knowledge or more correctly wisdom it means to enlightenment through the process of reason particularly the process of discrimination between what is real and what is not real what is true and what is untrue your study and self inquiry it is said to be the most difficult part because it uses the mind and the intellect to go beyond themselves to finally realize who are one with the divine or you are one with the divine the Upanishads call it the razor’s edge that the ego is always trying to knock us off it requires great strength of character will power and intellect when asked the question Ramana Maharshi the great indian saint and jana yogi would often reply first ask yourself who is asking the question jnana yoga is the study of the ancient texts and teachings of the great masters but more importantly it’s the study of one’s own self 

Raj Yoga

finally raja yoga raja yoga means the royal path just as the king maintains control over his kingdom you must maintain control over your own Kingdom the worst territory of your mind there is a saying the kingdom of God is ones own self or the kingdom of God lies in his own self it’s the part of meditation mantras and techniques the basic theme of raja yoga is that your perception of the Divine self is obscured by disturbance of the mind if the body and the mind can be made till and pure the self will instantly shine for the raja yoga is the past most favored by Westerners because it can be practiced by almost everyone and requiring no belief or particular faith raja yoga says to believe only what you find out for yourself through direct experience 
the fourth path even though these fourth parts appear different there is really only one yoga one Union we may be drawn to one path more than the others but they complement each oth bhakti yogaer as the saying goes all road leads to Rom
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disclaimerIn this article, I can tell about the type of yoga, according to you there are other types, but this is a primary information, you do not come to them on a large scale and as an information only big thanks for read this article.


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