Skin Care In Summer At Home – 12 Tips For All Types of Skin

In this article, we will know how to take care of our skin during the summer season. Here are 12 ways to care for all skin types, which will be studied carefully.
Skin Care In Summer 12 Tips All Types Of Skin

Skin Care In Summer At Home India

There are six seasons in our country: Spring, Summer, Rain, Autumn, Hemant and Shishir. In each of these seasons, skin care is usually required, but in the summer season, the skin needs special care.
The heat, skin, hair, etc. starts to worry about the problem. Nowadays, teenagers, women, men, women cover their mouths when they go to work or work in cities. It is best to cover the mouth and head when the sun is on the head, but by the time it is done, the cloth should be white, light colored, washed. But it reduces the effect of sunburn and can be avoided to a great extent with the skin but does not protect the skin. This requires some care.

Skin Care In Summer 12 Tips All Types Of Skin

(1) There is sweat in the heat. The makeup is washed. Sticks to the skin due to dust, dirt, other pollution sweat. The sun begins to darken due to the sun’s rays, and due to pollution, the pores of the skin become covered. As a result the skin color disappears,
(2) On hot days, massaging tomatoes with ice cubes made of tomato juice helps relax the damaged skin and keep the skin glow intact.
(3) If you have dry skin, the pores are not open and makeup can be done on them. But care should be taken not to get infected. For this, the face should be wiped thoroughly with water in the morning. Thereafter, raw milk should be applied to the face with orange milk powder. After five – seven minutes the mouth should be washed with cold water.
(4) During the heat days, there is a lot of sweat and dust on it. Thus, a layer of skin on one layer of skin is exposed to the skin. It should be scrubbed regularly and removed.
(5) Peel the banana and grate it. Apply this rub on the face and neck as well as on the neck. After a while, rinse it with cold water.
(6) Before bedtime, hands, feet, mouth should be thoroughly washed and an oil-free moisturizer should be applied on it after wiping.
(7) It is necessary to apply sunscreen on the skin even when there is a cloth on the mouth, goggles on the eyes, gloves on the hands and feet when going out in the sun.
(8) On hot days, it is necessary to apply eye cream under the eyes so that the skin is soft and soft and there is no wrinkles.
(9) Heat days require a face pack to be installed once a week. In this face pack, it is advisable to take sandalwood powder, aloe vera gel which should be kept on face for 5 minutes.
(10) Mixing with tomato and freshly squeezed juices from the turmeric nuggets benefits the skin that has darkened due to sunburn.
(11) During the heat days, yogurt remains a useful ingredient. It provides elements such as vitamin D and protein from daily meals. Applying on the face makes the skin soft and applying it to the hair becomes silky.
(12) Rinse the cucumber paste and apply it on the face. After 5 minutes wash with cold water.
Mash the strawberries and mix them with olive oil, rosemary and a teaspoon of sugar. Keep this mixture on the face and neck. After a few minutes wash the face with cold water.
Make raw milk paste in ripe papaya pulp and add a few drops of lemon and rosemary. Apply the paste on the face and after some time wash with cold water.
A little caution will make your skin soft, smooth and shiny. Then you won’t even need to go to a beauty parlor.

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