Simple Exercise That You Can Do At Home For Toned Lower Body

Top 6 Simple Exercise That You Can Do At Home Basic Crunches, Leg Raises, Bicycle Crunches, Heel Touches Exercise, Plank Exercise, Conclusion
Top 6 Simple Exercise You Can Do At Home
Hey Everyone! People often ask me when I go to any salon or when women meet me in a grocery store they often ask me a question that how to get a flat belly and some women frequently say that because they have a baby and they had either a C-Section or any other big operation they are unable to get a flat belly one thing I would definitely say that in old times, our older women used to say that one should tie the belly I actually agree with that concept it helps a lot in tightening one’s muscles of the stomach I, too, after Hamza and Hassan did that and even though I had two C-Sections My belly got tightened up and flat The more you develop the muscles and abs of your stomach the more they will support you for the whole life so,
I am going to tell you some ab exercises today for the abdominal muscles you don’t have to be in the gym for these exercises if you have a mat which gives you a good padding for your back then you can easily do that so I would definitely advise to do ab exercise every other day if not on the daily bases by the way, this is not only the problem for women men can also do this one should definitely try this very simple exercises that you can do at home we will build the stamina gradually as you get there, it becomes very easy

Top 6 Simple Exercise That You Can Do At Home 

1. Basic Crunches

so come and let’s start! As I shared with you, I will first get you started with some basic crunches this is the most basic angle you have to lie down straight with your legs in this angle as you are seeing you have to put your hands in this way while elevating your posture this way and then you have to go back down repeat the same thing try to keep your head straight because if you would see on left and right, then you can pull your neck which might be an issue also when you elevate your posture, you will breathe out and when you go back down, you will breathe in you breathe out and then you breathe in what happens is you can maintain your breathing and breathing is very much related to your exercise and weight loss so you have to go up this way and then go back down this way try to do this for ten times, if you cannot do this for ten times then do it for eight times but you have to set a goal for 15 to 20 reps and you have to do it’s 3 sets by the way, you have to do it very slowly and calmly when we exercise at a very high speed we can get injured and we do not even get the desired result make a right angle of your body while maintaining your breathing level you have to do 15 reps for 3 times

2. Leg Raises

now I am going to tell you about leg raises this is a perfect exercise for your lower abdomen when you try this It covers your pouch on the lower part of the body you have to place your both hands beneath your hips then you have to raise your legs when you lift your legs up you have to breathe out and when you bring them down, you have to breathe in breathe out and breathe in if you can keep your legs straight then it is great but if you have an issue in keeping them straight and initially if you have to bend them, then it does not matter so this is a very good exercise for your lower abdomen so I am saying the same thing that if you do 15 reps for 3 sets each then you can handle your lower abdomen
but like I always say when I talk about breathe in and breathe out I was talking to the trainer a few days back he advised me that 80% or 90% game is of your breathing in an exercise because breath is related to your life the more you utilize it properly, the more better results you get

3. V Crunches Exercise

now I will tell you an exercise for abs in which your upper, middle and lower it means your whole abdominal area will cover up it is called as V Crunches basically you will make a V angle of your body and you will elevate yourself in this way what happens is that your upper and lower abs will get affected if you cannot keep your legs straight then you can slightly bend them but ideally your legs have to be straight it will affect your complete abs and of course, your have to keep your face straight as well and you must remember to breathe if it pains while doing the abs exercises or you slightly feel the pressure it should not be painful but you must feel the pressure if you are feeling the pressure that means your muscles are getting engaged to it and you will get the better results if you are not feeling anything that means you are doing something wrong I say that repeatedly that cardiovascular exercises such as skipping, running jogging or fast walk these all things increase your heart rate, and when your heart rate increases, it results in the weight loss but along with all of them you need to have a proper diet plan if you are eating rich food in breakfast or taking a heavy diet so obviously there must be some side effects and when you do no get the results then there is a problem one thing I tell you that when you do exercise you will feel hungry and that is natural to control your appetite and to eat fruits rather than a rich oily food is your responsibility let’s move on to the next exercise.

4. Bicycle Crunches

next I will tell you about the bicycle crunches we all have ridden the bicycles you have to pull your legs up and shoulder in this way and this is how you have to touch your arms and legs side to side one thing is very important you have to continue your breathing through out the exercise in any stage do not stop your breathing this exercise is also very good for your abs because your lower abs are engaged along with your middle and upper ones plus your sides get affected very well because of it and I have yet to tell you an exercise for your sides because many women and men get their stomach flat but they still have a lot of the love handles and fats on their sides so for this I will tell you an exercise

5. Heel Touches Exercise

now I will tell you about the exercise for your sides because most of the people have told me that they have gotten their belly flat but they still have a lot of weight on their sides you have to do this while keeping your face straight your face have to be straight you have to touch your shoe with your hands on both of the sides in starting, you obviously will have an issue and it will pain too but you will get used to it slowly so this is how you have to try to touch your shoe with your hands you must be feeling the pull on your sides it is stretching and activating your muscles but in this whole exercise it is very important to keep your back straight you have to continue your breathing because remember, breathing is absolutely essential

6. Plank Exercise

now I am going to tell you the final exercise which is called as plank and there are two ways to do that you can either do it on your elbows or on your hands when you start in the beginning do it on your elbows because it will be easier and start with 30 seconds you must be thinking that 30 seconds are nothing but when you are doing it it actually becomes very difficult so try to keep your back straight and start with 30 seconds even if you plank for 8 to 10 minutes, that is amazing there are some people in the gym where I exercise who do the plank for 12 to 13 minutes because they have brought themselves to that level of training


so there is a very simple way to do plank keep your back straight and hold your body this way keep your back straight and look in front try to do this for as long as you can and continue your breathing through out keep your head down and continue but that is at a later stage this is what we call a plank so these are the exercises for abs try to do some of it or all of it, it is totally up to you I will say that do at least regular crunches, bicycle crunches and sides exercise and must do the leg raises exercise so that your all abs get engaged through it it is very simple the more effort you put in yourself, the more result it will show when a person is in his younger years he does not need to exercise that much but as we get older, we need an exercise and to take care of our skin and diet and the most important factor is, in fitness, your diet plays the 70% role and the rest 30% role is of an exercise so try to live your life in a balance if you need flat abs then you have to take care of your diet if you need the well developed arms and have an extra weight on your lower body these all can be managed when you take a balanced diet so food and exercise go hand in hand and of course, a calm and relaxed mind

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