Side Effects of Passive Smoking | Ways To Quit Smoking

Passive smoking is detrimental to health. Even if you do not smoke cigarettes or bidi yourself, you have to suffer the consequences of others’ mistakes.
Side Effects of Passive Smoking

What is passive smoking?

Passive smoking is known as the smoke entering your body from any tobacco-based smoke, or smoke from a cigarette. Whether you like it or not, you get caught up in the harmful effects of tobacco.

Side effects of passive smoking

Heart problem:

Passive smoking negatively affects the cardiovascular system. Cigarette smoke deposits cortisol on the blood arteries to block blood flow and pose a serious disease risk. It can also lead to a heart attack so try to avoid passive smoking.

Damage to children and women

If a man in the house is smoking, keep the children in the home away from the smoke. Children’s lungs are more susceptible, leading to serious illness such as bronchitis, cough, asthma or attack. Women are not immune to this kind of disease.

Inviting serious diseases

Passive smoking can lead to serious illnesses like asthma, lungs, from illnesses like allergies and infections. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone to stay away from cigarettes, hookahs, bidi, etc., tobacco smoke.

Damage to a pregnant woman

One of the biggest disadvantages of passive smoking is when the smoke constantly reaches the body of a pregnant woman at home. This puts the risk of having Sudan Infant Death Syndrome so that there is a possibility of abortion. Therefore, a pregnant woman should abstain from smoking cigarettes.
Usually, every male has quit smoking more than 3 times. They have to find an excuse to turn it around. Also, their ego is so strong that when someone tells them that it will hurt them very nicely – they will refrain from laughing and will firmly intend to quit cigarettes.
‘Everyone in the world knows that smoking is harmful to health even though some people are addicted to harmful habits like cigarettes’

Ways To Quit Cigarettes

Once the habit of smoking cigarettes, do not give up soon after the fall, just read about the following remedies, maybe after reading it, the effort can begin.
When the body of men who are smoking for a long time feel the need for nicotine, they have to make a planned decision. In the long run, if smokers quit smoking, their blood pressure normalized within 5 minutes, oxygen levels in their blood returned to normal within 2 hours, they were at risk of heart attack within 5 hours. Blood flow starts to normal, lung function starts to normal within 6 months, cough within 6 to 6 months Faith, seems to be tired of normal and averted the risk of cancer in 10 years.

Make a plan

Every man who smokes a cigarette knows his own weakness. Do not let that weakness overtake you. When it comes to smoking cigarettes, indulge in something you don’t even remember cigarettes.

Exercise to suppress desire.

Exercise can be helpful in reducing nicotine desire in physical activities. When you want to smoke cigarettes, start wearing sports shoes or do small exercises so that you will feel scared.

Make a bet with friends

You decide on a cigarette release date. Tell it to your friends. If your friends are interested in you, they will help you quit smoking,

Take control of stress

When a person feels stressed, he or she is smoking cigarettes. Nicotine in cigarettes seems to have reduced stress. Once you have quit smoking cigarettes, massage your body when you are stressed, listen to relaxed music, do yoga exercises so that your mind will be able to work on another and not miss a cigarette.

Baking soda

Baking soda cocktail Baking soda increases the pH content in the urine so that nicotine present in the body is released into the body in small quantities. So the desire to take nicotine decreases. Drink half a teaspoon of baking soda three times a day.

Fruits and vegetables

Cigarette smokers change their taste. It starts to become bitter by substances like milk, carrots, etc. Naturally the desire to smoke cigarettes will be reduced when consuming too much vegetables and fruits. Start taking citrus fruits containing vitamin C or fruit juices that are rich in it, which will compensate for nicotine deficiency in your body.

Keep cinnamon in mouth

Keep a small piece of cinnamon near you and when you want to smoke a cigarette, first place one piece in the cinnamon mouth. Often they will not want to smoke cigarettes. Also think that in the end, it only does damage and water money. Cigarette smoking is harmful to health.
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