PXVX Vaccine, T-Cell For Cancer Therapy, Kick and Kill, 3D Laparoscopic Surgery And More

Hello friends In this article we learned about the various research within health and the benefits and implications of these researches on our public health, what new research and technology we have Will know

new innovation in health

Oxygen Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

New breakthroughs include the use of hyperbaric oxygen to treat Alzheimer’s disease. A rapid-onset illness is known to work against Alzheimer’s. But oxygen therapy combined with Alzheimer’s therapy is proving to be a landmark. It is believed that the pathology of the disease improves and some problems related to the behavior of the patients can be cured.

PXVX vaccine

Cholera is a gastric and small intestine disease. One of the main symptoms of this disease is that it can spread very quickly and it can spread epidemically. To combat this problem, the vaccine company PXVX vaccine has discovered a cholera vaccine whose only dose is preventable from spreading the disease.

Immunity help to fight cancer in children

Cat T – Cell Therapy is a brand new and most effective breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. According to a study by the Memorial Sloan Catering Cancer Center in New York City, researchers have discovered a way to cure acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children by using an immune system to attack and destroy cancer cells. Children suffering from this dangerous illness will soon be relieved and will be able to lead a normal life.

Kick and Kill

HIV CD-4 sits in cells and has the potential to neutralize medication and treatment. That is why where a HIV patient stops taking the drug, the dormant virus wakes up and attacks the body again. That’s why scientists at UCLA, Stanford and National Institutes of Health have tried to get the virus out instead of hiding it and even trying to destroy it as soon as it’s activated. Scientists have named it ‘Kick and Kill’.

3D laparoscopy surgery

3D laparoscopy surgery performed for the first time at Delhi’s All India Ayurvedic Institute (AIIMS). Experts believe that 3D laparoscopy will prove to be a blessing in patients’ surgery for urinary tract disorders spread through the country.
At the 47th Annual Convention of the Urological Society of India, the President of the Department of Urology at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital stated that in conventional laparoscopy surgery, the surgeon only saw 2D pictures on the TV monitor.
The third side can also be seen by 3D laparoscopy. Thus, the surgeon will be able to perform the surgery more precisely by looking at it.

Bone Marrow Transplant

India’s Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences will soon start a bone marrow transplant and stem cell therapy. IGIMS has fixed every 3-4 lakhs on the basis of Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery and Stem Cell Therapy, Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences.
Bone Marrow Transplant and Stem Cell Therapy Each blood element has different needs. Therefore, the hospital has installed an apheresis machine for the first time through which all blood components can be isolated and used in bone marrow transplant and stem cell therapy as needed. This machine will release white and red blood particles and platelets.
Bone marrow transplants are useful for patients with a variety of cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. Usually high doses of chemotherapy damage the patient’s bone marrow which is necessary for the patient’s immune system.
Stem cells are released from the bone marrow of patients who have begun receiving chemotherapy. The stem cell is protected at 3 ° C and then re-inserted into the patient’s body. In just two weeks, the patient’s new bone marrow is generated.
Only 10% of the total cancer patients in India can get bone marrow transplant or stem cell therapy. At present, the hospital will be treated with the patient’s own stem cell, called an autologous transplant, but soon allogeneic transplant will also be started where the patient’s brother, sister or parents will be able to deliver the stem cell.

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