What Are Coronavirus Testing And Treatment | COVID-19 In India

In this article we will learn about corona virus treatment and testing procedure. It is expected that this article will be very useful to you.

corona virus treatment and testing india

The prevalence of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in India is increasing. Given the seriousness and contingency of the matter, we will tell you in today’s article what is involved in the Covid ’19 trial. It is expected that this article will be very useful to you.

What are Coronavirus Testing? 

Slab Test: 

The sample from your throat or nose will be collected using a cotton swab.

Nestle Espirit: 

In this method, the lab technician will inject a saline solution into your nose, and then preserve and pull it out.

Trident aspirate: 

Bronchoscope in your lungs. A thin, light tube is inserted, from where the sample is taken for testing.

Stutum Test: 

A test is performed with a swab from your throat or nose or a sample of saliva collected by the patient asking for a cough.


A sample of blood is tested in the lab for virus detection. All types of coronaviruses (including regular flu) are tested by the Blanket Test. Or traces of new coronavirus to detect specific gene sequencing.

The severity of coronavirus virus

3D image of the coronavirus infected lung

Covid – a virus infected by the World Health Organization – has been infected with an estimated 5080 lives worldwide since the infamous coronavirus, 19 previously known as the corona virus. Not to mention Canada’s PM Todo’s wife and the Australian Home Minister’s report has come back positive, it is understandable to understand the severity of the disease. Scientists around the world are working day and night to discover the medicine for this deadly virus. During these activities, the Radiological Society of North America announced for the first time a 3D image of the coronavirus-infected lung. General Chat Chat Lounge General Chat Chat Lounge.

This 3D video from @RSNA shows what are called ground-glass opacities in the lungs of a #COVID-19 patient. These opacities on the CT scan indicate pneumonia as the spaces which are normally filled by air are being filled with something else.Read more: https://t.co/whj7XQVITe pic.twitter.com/SQdoervbNO

— Sky News Tech (@SkyNewsTech) March 12, 2020

The outbreak of the corona virus

Corona virus also in the Gulf country of Iran. The fury has spread. The virus has killed 354 people in Iran, while 9,000 people have been infected. Corona also in South Korea along with Italy and Iran. Virus infection has increased. So far in Korea, 60 people have died due to the corona virus. While 7755 people have been infected. In the United States, a well-populated Chinese population, this serious illness has spread. So far 38 people have died in the United States from the Corona virus. While 1302 people have had an infection. The WHO has declared an emergency in response to the coronary virus infection in eight states including New York, Washington, California and Florida.

The more the patient’s age, the more likely they are to transmit the corona virus

The IMF has Rs. 100,000 to help Iran fight the Corona virus. 37 thousand crore emergency fund has been sought.
The US has decided to close the capital house for tourists by April. Joe Biden and Barbie Sanders have canceled their election rallies, which will now deliver a message through the media.
Only 8 cases were encountered in 24 hours in Wuhan, the lowest number ever. Schools across Sri Lanka closed on Thursday, leaving holidays until April 20.

Treatment with anti-HIV and swine flu medication

Corona patients from Italy have been recruited at Sawai Man Singh Hospital in Jaipur. Doctors here have cured a woman suffering from HIV, swine flu and malaria drugs. Corona then. This woman’s report came out negative in the test. It is said that this woman also came to Rajasthan along with 23 members of Italy. Of which 3 were positive, doctors decided to treat patients with this drug as an experiment. The Indian government says that the information was not available to the central government, but there is no scientific evidence that coronary patients benefit so much from this drug, says ICMR scientist R.K. Gangakhedkar has said that three WHO patients have been successfully cured in Kerala as guidelines are being followed in India for the treatment of coronary patients. Medication is given.

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