Causes of infertility, its prevention and technology are possible due to pregnancy

There are many couples all over the country who have not had the pleasure of being a parent, but now the technology is so advanced that it is unlikely that anyone will be left out.
Causes of infertility, its prevention

Causes of infertility

There can be several causes of infertility. If there is no timely ovulation, there is a problem with the fetus. The fetus cannot remain even if there is a problem with the fallopian tube or uterus. If a woman is older then her fertility has slowed down so she cannot become pregnant or it takes time to process.

The problem of ovulation

If a woman has hormone imbalances in her body, she is intoxicated with alcohol, she is not taking proper diet to maintain her figure, has thyroid problems, is overweight, is constantly stressed, exercises to reduce body fat are excessive and excessive. Such problems can occur if menstruation comes.

Fallopian tube or uterine problem

If the woman has a pelvic inflammatory disease, some kind of infection, there is a bacterial or bacterial infection in the womb, there may be a problem such as fibroid, birth defects or ectopic pregnancy.
It is often the case that the cervical mouth has a type of oily substance that does not allow the sperm to reach the egg, it can cause infertility.


Now medical science has gone so far that a few tests and drugs can cure any disorder. Obtaining a child is now possible. Some tests for this are done in both men and women and if there is a problem it is cured to prevent it.

Test to evaluate fertility

• Blood or urine tests – problems with hormones or thyroid can be resolved
• Pelvic examination and breast examination
• Ovulation is performed by examining the visceral material and tissues near the mouth of the womb to determine if ovulation is performed.
• Laparoscopy examines the condition of the uterus and its organs
• HSG in which X-ray of fallopian tube is taken.

Treatment of infertility

• Overcome obesity remedies
• Hormone imbalance requires taking medication
• Treatment is needed if there is a disturbance in the menstrual cycle
• Medications to increase ovulation
• Antibiotic drugs to remove any infection
• Small operation for any obstruction in the fallopian tube, uterus or pelvic area.

Another remedy

Nowadays IVF centers have opened in several places. In which the sperm of the husband is assembled and inserted into the womb of the wife. Thus, pregnancy can be caused by IVF (in vitro fertilization).
Besides, the concept of surrogate mother is now very much in India. That is, if the wife is unable to conceive, the sperm and ovaries of the spouse are taken into the womb of another woman. At the end of her 6 months, she gives the baby to her husband and wife.
It is generally seen that – it takes time for working women to become pregnant. Is. Because they are constantly under stress. Because of this, their body gets into protective mode on its own. If everything is normal then you should go out for a month or so. With some relaxation in the brain, the tension will go away.
When starting to get infertility treatment, it is important to take the medicine as advised by the doctor, but it is important to keep some other things in mind.
Diet: It is also important to start taking a nutritious diet when you start getting treatment. As soon as treatment begins, eating junk food should be stopped altogether. Consuming green vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and milk and milk products is beneficial.
Fitness: Normally a normal person is also required to exercise properly along with a nutritious diet. If you are seeking treatment for offspring – keep doing regular exercise regularly as advised by a doctor.
Leisure: There is food, fitness, homework and office work if there is work. Rest is also necessary with all of this. Under normal circumstances, eight hours of sleep are required.
Weight: Women who are overweight have problems with childbirth. Therefore, before starting treatment for this, weight loss advice should be sought from your doctor
Stress Relief: Stress is common in today’s busy life. But if you are dreaming of becoming a mother and getting treatment for it then meditation, pranayama, meditation is extremely beneficial,
Ayurveda: There are some medicines in Ayurveda that can be taken from the common person as well as some powerful herbs which are an allergy to the woman seeking treatment for childbirth,
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