7 Herbal Tea For Good Health Made At Home

So these are some fresh curry leaves or curry patta, straight from my home growncurry leave plant, in my balcony. But can such simple home remediesusing spices, herb and seeds? Actually help us cure health ailments, and get us some comfort and ease our pain. Let’s find out today.


7 Herbal Tea Made At Home

Of your common health conditionsthere are all of us may face, on a day to day basis. Include their basic ones, like yourconstipation, acidity, gas or bloating. And also the most serious ones,which actually involves a shift in the major parameters of our body Which include your insulin resistance, PCOD,PCOS, diabetes, thyroid, and the like. 
Today I’m going to be sharing with you, My top 7 remedies to these ailments, Which have not only been tried andtested on me, my family members, But also all of my clients whoreally benefited from these. A little disclaimer though beforewe begin that I’d like to give is, That all these ingredients thatI am displaying to you over hear, are very potent in their properties,and very specific health action oriented. So these are very potent herbs, spices and seeds, which can’t be consumed every single day.?
I suggest, that you consume thesefor a maximum of 21 days. And then you discontinue these orconsume them occasional, Only when your symptoms reoccurs. The reason that we don’t recommendthese to be part of your daily food, is because these are not foods.. these are medicines, and they should be used as medicinesand not daily food items. So now that I’ve told you that littledisclaimer, we’re good to go, so let’s get started.

Herbal Tea Remedy No 1

So the first health ailment thatwe’re going to discussing today, is the one that I come across themost with my clients at my clinic. This involves insulin resistance,PCOD, PCOS, premenstrual syndrome, which is PMS, also diabetes and menstrual cramps. For all of these conditions, my twosuper-powerful ingredients are, Kesar, also called as Saffron and Cinnamon, also called as Dal Chini in hindi.
Now what we’re gonna do is very simple. We’re gonna take 3 to 4 strands of kesar, add a too a little water in the night. And consume it in the morningwith the soaking liquid. We can also whip up a herbal concoction of the same, by adding the water and thestrands to a little warm water. We’re going to add the cinnamon.. just like it is, inside this herbal concoction itself. Cinnamon has properties that help increasethe insulin sensitivity of the body, and kesar is very cooling in nature,which helps with menstrual disorders.
And for anyone suffering with daibetiesthe most common treatment, that i give them is methi seeds or Fenugreek seeds. All we’re gonna do with this is soak 1 tspof methi seeds in water in the night. And again we’re gonna consume this inthe morning with he soaking liquid. And these are very beneficial becausethese actually help improve, the overall tolerance of glucose in our body.

Herbal Tea Remedy No 2

My next remedy is for cold, cough, flu or infections we’re basically make this herbal concoction, by boiling all these 5 ingredients and reducing it to half, to make it more potent. So the first ingredient is the mighty ginger. Ginger is also called adrak in hindi. Next is cloves, this is also called lavang in hindi. This is black peppercorns which we actually make a powder, and keep in all in spice boxes,this is basically kaali mirchi. These are some fresh tulsi leaves also called as Basil. And then last leave is the curry patta or the curry leaves. All we’re gone a do is take all ofthese 5 ingredients..add it to a pot, reduce it to half and make a concoction, like the herbal tea that we discussed before.
Why these help is, that they?actually add lots of antioxidants, to our body, help our body by upping the immunity and helps us fight infections in a very effective way.

Herbal Tea Remedy No 3

The next remedy that we’regonna be discussing about is for acidity or inflammation. All I want you to do is use haldi or turmeric, and back pepper or kaali mirchi. We’re gonna boil this in water or reduce it to half, and make a herbal concoction. Some people do not like this inwarm water so i suggest, for all of you that you can alsotake this like a shot. It means you add it and diluteit with equal amount of water, and consume it just like a shot Always remember that turmeric or haldihas a compound called “Curcumin” in it. The bioavailability of this is increasedby adding black pepper. So if you add just the haldi its goingto be useless for your body.
The availability and absorptionof all of this is increased, by adding a good source of fat,you can use ghee or coconut oil, either of these 2. Whether you’re making just shortor you’re making the herbal tea, I suggest, that the best combinationis the one which involves, all of these 3 in it.

Herbal Tea Remedy No 4

So the next remedy that I’mnow going to talking about, is the one that I get the mostrequest and questions about. And that is gas, flatulence and bloating We all suffer with this, specially in my clinic I’ve seen, all of my clients tell me that speciallyduring the later half of the day, they fell very bloated and gassy. A measure reason of this is also a sedentary lifestyle, and the fast paced life that we all live.
So my age old remedy for thisand the one that always works, is this, its made of 4 ingredients,the first one is ajwain(carrom). We have sauf which is fennel seeds,we have some dhaniya seeds, which is coriander, and we havesome jeera seeds which is cumin. Now all we’re gonna do is ensurethat you soak these overnight. If you do not soak these overnight anduse them directly in the morning, this doesn’t work. So if you really want the anti bloating effect, soak them overnight, reduce it to half in the morning by adding it to the flame. And all we’re gonna do is strain and consume the water.
All of these 4 ingredients not only haveamazing anti-bloating properties, but also help improve a weekend digestive system.

Herbal Tea Remedy No 5

My next remedy for you is for sleep disorders, disturbed sleep, anxiety or stress. And the one thing that’s my favouriteand what always works is chamomile. Always ensure that you’re using thefresh dried flowers of chamomile, As a pose to the variety of their tea bag. Because sometime they might contain caffeine, and that actually then dilutes the whole purpose of it
The next thing is jaifal or nutmeg. Remember to use just a pinch of this,both of these help you relax, and actually switch of your brain before you sleep, so that just calms you downand provide lots of relief, from stress and anxiety too. Both of these ingredients are actuallyknown to help us calm down. And actually switch off thebrain before we go off the sleep, promoting a sense of deep calmness and relaxation.

Herbal Tea Remedy No 6

My next remedy is for all ofyou suffering from thyroid, hormonal imbalance or a metabolism related disorder. So all we’re gonna do is takes come coconut oil, and add a tsp of coconut oil to yourmorning herbal drink. What’s this does is or actuallyall of the magic comes from, the medium chain fatty acid,?which also up the metabolism, and errunds weight loss. Just ensure that the coconutoil that you’re using, should be cold pressed andalso organically sourced.

Herbal Tea Remedy No 7

And my last remedy is for all us whofeel a little tired in the evening, you know that mental fatigueor physical tiredness kicks in, or you have a little dip in energy, post your lunch time. This is also for all of us who wantto start our day in the morning, with a kick start, but not use caffeineas a substitute for that.
So this called paper mint, youcan also use stress peppermint. I have with me hear a dried peppermint So this actually helps us kicks start ourday without a caffeinated beverage. It also helps us get fresh breathand increase our alertness, without the use of a stimulant like caffeine. Peppermint can also be used as a tea after your meal, So as a post meal digestive, this works wonders.
So there you have it. These were my top 7 remedies fortop 7 health ailments. That you come across every singleday in most households. The one thing that I want to share with you though, is the use of a Kettle like this. All we’re gonna do is buy a glass Kettle like this, which comes with a small infuser. You can add all of this spices just to this infuser, add some hot water, just pour it over this, and all we’re gonna do is cover it up. And once this has had a chance to sit for about 5 minutes, We’re are gonna strain it andconsume the herbal concoction. This is an easier way, if you don’t want to actually physically boilit on a flame and reduce it to half. So these are this 2 ways thatyou can actually get the benefit, of all of these concoctions that we discussed today.
•  Disclaimer: The purpose of broadcasting this article is to share information with you. Please do not take this article as medical advice.
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